Monday, September 06, 2010

Lady Gray Muslin

You know how I feel about muslins, and this demonstrates clearly why I feel that way. I made a muslin of the Lady Gray coat to test the fit. I've never used Colette patterns before and I have no idea how their sloper compares to the slopers other patterns use. I'm very glad I decided to make a muslin. Check out why. Here are a couple of pictures of the muslin on me.
Right shoulder:
Left shoulder:
I made a size 8 straight out of the package. Looking at these pictures I know I need to do several things.
  • Lower the bust point
  • Adjust the shoulder in front
  • Add a little to the waist
  • Change the sleeve to a less voluminous style
  • Use a size 10 (sigh...)
I may also want to take a bit of the flare out, though I haven't entirely decided on that yet. I think I will also convert this to a shoulder princess seam.  I like those better and for my body type, a shoulder princess is more flattering and easier to fit.

More later!


MushyWear said...

Oh boy, good thing you did a muslin. I don't do them very often, but when it's a project I really want to turn out well, be it because of expensive fabric or beautiful styling with lots of design details, I do. Can't wait to see everyone's coat on this sew along. Maybe I will be inspired to try a light weight coat. Rarely need one here :)

a little sewing on the side said...

Good thing you made the muslin. I see a lot of potential here. Do you think you'll just use a regular sleeve pattern from another pattern, or will you do something to keep the spirit of the sleeve as drafted? I'm hoping to try this pattern next, too. I like the idea of the sleeve but have no idea if it will look OK on me. I need some amazing gloves on hand to give it the best possible odds of success.

Gail said...

I wish I'd made a muslin for the dress I'm making at the moment. With the adjustments you are suggesting the coat will look great, but straight out of the pack? Voluminous is a kind word for those sleeves.

Linda T said...

Oh dear! A less confident sewer would throw the whole thing away.

Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer in making muslims and wonder why other sewists don't take the time. I, too, prefer shoulder seam princess lines for the long vertical line visually plus the fitting advantage.

Enjoy your blog, Ann, and love, love your fabrics. Keep 'em coming!